How can you stop your garden furniture from rusting?

Feb 10 , 2022

How can you stop your garden furniture from rusting?

When a garden furniture set is kept outside for extended periods, it is usual for it to rust. Any metal furniture, whether it is a table, chair, or bench, might rust if certain precautions aren't taken. When a piece of furniture rusts, it may swiftly eat through the metal, producing irreversible damage that is difficult or even impossible to restore. So, how can you keep your garden furniture sets from rusting?

Why Do Rust occurs in Garden Furniture Sets?

Rust is caused by oxidation caused by oxygen & moisture exposure. Of course, not all things are affected by this effect. Rust, on the other hand, only occurs in iron-containing objects & materials. Unfortunately, iron is everywhere; in fact, steel is made of iron. When exposed to moisture, garden furniture sets constructed of iron, steel, or even other iron-containing metals may rust.

Choose Non-Metal Furniture

Because rust is caused by the oxidation of iron, you may protect the garden furniture sets from corrosion by selecting non-metal furniture. Your furniture will not rust as long as it is not constructed of metal. The disadvantage of using an alternate material is that it could lack the durability & strength of the metal.

The following are some non-metal patio furniture materials to consider:

  • Rattan
  • Plastic
  • Wicker
  • Teak
  • Polymer
  • Vinyl
  • Resin

Cover Your Furniture

Keep the garden furniture set covered so that it is not exposed to the weather and rain. When you're done using the patio for the evening & ready to head inside, put your furnishings beneath a covered area. Leaving it open to the weather & rain will only enhance the likelihood of it rusting. Patio furniture may rust after only a few days of exposure.

If your patio lacks a covered location for storing furniture, try investing in furniture coverings. Most house improvement stores provide covers for as low as $16 per piece, which is a little fee to pay for the rust prevention they provide. The coverings are often constructed of a strong, waterproof cloth that keeps the furniture dry whenever it rains. To prevent rusting, just drape a cover over every piece of metal patio equipment.

Dry Your Furniture

Even if you cover the garden furniture set, it may rust. This is especially true if you reside in a humid location, like the Southeast. Humidity is simply the presence of moisture vapor in the air. The air is humid when there is a high degree of moisture vapor in the air. The air is dry when there is little as well as no airborne moisture vapor.

Humidity can cause water droplets to soak the outside of metal patio furniture. If left uncontrolled, this moisture will act as a rust catalyst, causing the furniture to rust & deteriorate over time. This is why you should hand-dry the furniture on such a regular basis. If your furniture becomes wet, regardless of whether it is stored under a roof or beneath a furniture cover, wipe it dry with just a clean towel.

Apply Rust-Protective Coating

There are a plethora of anti-rust products available for use on garden furniture sets. Most paints, for instance, will provide a waterproof coating over the metal exterior of the furniture, preventing moisture entry and, as a result, preserving it from rusting.

There are also clear products that, whenever applied to furniture, prevent corrosion. Rust-Oleum manufactures a complete variety of rust-protective coatings that may be purchased for as low as $4 per bottle. You should be able to cover a half-dozen items of garden furniture set with 2 or 3 bottles if you only have a half-dozen pieces of outdoor equipment.

Wash Your Furniture

Regularly washing your garden furniture set can help keep it from rusting. Scrub the furniture with a tiny amount of mild detergent soap and water to eliminate any remaining mildew or filth. While mildew and dirt may appear to be harmless, they contain a large quantity of moisture, which can promote rust. However, you can simply clean the patio furniture with light soap and water.

Clean Rust

Following these recommendations should keep the patio furniture against rusting. But what if the furniture has already begun to rust? Don't take it to the nearest landfill just yet. You can typically restore corroded patio furniture to its former condition with a little elbow grease.

Scrub the afflicted area with steel wool or perhaps a wire grill brush to clean & remove rust from the garden furniture set. Steel wool & a grill brush's abrasive characteristics will remove the rusted metal, exposing the underneath layers of the furniture's metal that aren't corroded. After cleaning the rust from the furniture, apply a fresh layer of paint for added protection.


As you can see, your alternatives are numerous; all you should do is choose the ones that best fit you & stick to them. Each of these lines of action is basic and easy to follow, and the ultimate result is always worth the effort. If you went to the trouble of finding the perfect outdoor furniture, why not go the extra mile to guarantee that it stays that way for just as long as possible?

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