Inverse 9 Piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set



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Restore balance to your outdoor patio or backyard setting as you assemble around the Inverse Outdoor Patio 52" Dining Table and Chair set. Transition from an espresso wicker rattan expanse to a colorful cushioned realm of harmonized opposites. With an all-weather rattan base and cushion covers, Inverse Outdoor Dining Furniture Set helps you place conscious emphasis on ultimate forms of expression no matter what the climate.


Overall Product Dimensions101"L X 89"W X 30.5"H
Table Dimensions52.5"L X 52.5"W X 29.5"H
Stool Dimensions19"L X 19"W X 17"H
Chair Dimensions22"L X 23.5"W X 26.5"H
Seat Dimensions24"L X 21.5"W X 17"H

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